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Stitched Hard Cover Menu

A heavy board is sealed inside to give the menu a rigid feel with ability to change out the front cover as needed through side loading for our customers that want a menu that can be dressed up or down with a sturdier hard cover, we offer our Stitched Hard Cover Menu. This cover gives you beautiful stitched menu cover that allows for ultimate flexibility with menus that are often changing.

Let us design your menu pages/inserts and keep your brand consistent with graphics and photographs.  With restaurant experience in mind, we can help you showcase your menu items and promote your restaurants best sellers.

Standard Trim Colors

Standard Front and Back Colors

Metal Corner Options

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Stitched Hard Cover Menu Standard Styles

single panel One panel – 2 views
SM-10005 5.5 x 8.5
SM-10010 4.25 x 11
SM-10015 8.5 x 11
SM-10020 8.5 X 14
SM-10025 11 X 17
Two panels – 4 views
SM-20005 5.5 x 8.5
SM-20010 4.25 x 11
SM-20015 8.5 x 11
SM-20020 8.5 X 14
SM-20025 11 X 17
Trifold – 6 views
SM-30005 5.5 x 8.5
SM-30010 4.25 x 11
SM-30015 8.5 x 11
SM-30020 8.5 X 14
SM-30025 11 x 17
2-1/2 panels – 6 views
Right panel at half width
SM-25015 8.5 x 11
SM-25020 8.5 X 143
Panel book – 6 views
SM-310005 5.5 x 8.5
SM-310010 4.25 x 11
SM-310015 8.5 x 11
SM-310020 8.5 X 14
SM-310025 11 X 17
legal size menu cover 4 panel book – 8 views
SM-40005 5.5 x 8.5
SM-40010 4.25 x 11
SM-40015 8.5 x 11
SM-40020 8.5 X 14
SM-40025 11 X 17Custom sizes available

Cafe menu design Stitched Hard Cover Menu

Lunch Menu

Drink Menu

Cafe Menu
Service Folder

Vinyl or leather edge
Double stitched
Hard Cover
Corner options
Top or side loading

Stitched Deluxe menu cover Stitched Hard Cover Deluxe Menu

Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
Drink Menu
Wine List
Cafe Menu

Faux leather
Hand stitched thread
Sturdy weight
Custom sizes available
Custom material options available

Stitched edge blue Stitched Cafe Covers

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

Drink Menu

Cafe Menu
Spa Menu
Service Folder

Vinyl or leather edge
Double stitched
Light weight
Custom sizes available
Corner options
Top or side loading
Easy updates

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