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Menu Sleeves & Inserts

Vinyl sleeves are a clean and durable solution to a single page menu. They provide great durability and can be made to any size, thickness, and finish (clear gloss or matte).

Add-a-page is a simple solution to the challenge of adding additional pages to an existing menu cover.

Made right here at our facility in Seattle, WA from heavy duty, long lasting virgin PVC. PSS vinyl sleeves and envelops give your menu, important documents or media visibility and protection.

  • Single or multiple pocket
  • Top or side loading
  • Add as many pages as you like
  • All the standard sizes plus almost any custom size is possible!


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Standard Styles


standard style  

VS-10005 5.5 x 8.5
VS-10010 4.25 x11
VS-10015 8.5 x 11
VS-10020 8.5 X 14
VS-10025 11 X 17

VS-20005 5.5 x 8.5
VS-20010 4.25 x11
VS-20015 8.5 x 11
VS-20020 8.5 X 14



Lunch Menu
Dinner Menu
Drink Menu
Wine List
Cafe Menu
Office document holder
Job jackets


Light weight
Long lasting
Easy to clean
Water resistant
Custom sizes are available

Custom Ziploc products Ziplock Products

Product pouch
Service bag
Document holder

Multi pocket
Binder ready
Metal grommets
Add your logo or any kind of graphic

Vinyl envelops Vinyl Envelopes

Order sheet holder
Document protector
Badge holder
Name card holder

Table tents for restaurant Table Tents

Specials Menu
Wine List
Service List

Sturdy Weight

Do not disturb sign for hotel Signage

Guest signs
Host signs
Informational signs

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