Plastic Sales & Service

Plastic Cards & Badges

Plastic Cards

Made right here at our facility in Lynnwood, WA from heavy duty, long lasting materials. Plastic Sales & Service’s High quality plastic cards are a great way to indicate membership or represent value.

• Clear or opaque
• Weights from .010 to .030
• Die cut to CR80 or CR50 size
• 1 color to 4 color process printing
• Foil Stamping
• Magnetic stripe application
• Encoding
• Foil tipped embossing or thermal printing

Do not disturb sign for hotel Signage

Guest signs
Host signs
Informational signs

Gift cards printing Plastic Cards

Name cards
Gift Cards

Name tags & ID badges Name Tags

Name tags
Name cards

Name tags & ID badges ID Badges

ID Badges
Employee cards
Visitor cards
Student cards
Security cards
Safety cards

Pocket size
Magnetic strip
Custom design

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