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Life Doesn't Start Until You Turn The Page

Once you choose your cover, turn the page inside and choose how you’d like to put the pages together. With variety of binding option to choose from according to the amount of pages and menu items you have.

Corner inserts

Picture Corners

The classic 4 corner tabs for maximum content view on the page.

Top Bottom tabs

Top & Bottom Bands

A different look for top and bottom bands loading.

Screw post tab

Screw Post Holder

Two metallic screw posts hold multiple pages inside the cover

menu cover insert

Elastic Cords / Loops

Cords with  barbed ends insert into eyelets in the spine or loops wrap the spine to hold folded sheets.

Clearview inserts

Clear Sleeve Inserts

This add-a-page is very versatile for all types of menu covers.

coil bound

Coil Bound Inserts

This clear sleeve coil bound insert is perfect for multiple pages.

The Turned Edge
Menu Cover

A lot of insert options are designed specifically for the Turned Edge menu cover. These are some of them.

picture corners tab
Restaurant menu covers & accessories
Screw post menu
Wine list

Clear View Sleeves

This add-a-page is very versatile for all types of menu covers. You can add a page or two to your existing menu you already have or start a new menu cover order with insert sleeves for easy menu updating. Matte or clear vinyl available.

Style available:

Coil Bound Insert

The most durable option to keep multiple pages together. Either for clear view sleeves or for the laminated pages giving your menu an even longer life.

Stitched Edge inserts

From the Stitched Cafe collection, you can protect your investment and still be flexible for menu updates by using the Stitch Cafe menu as inserts for the Turned Edge collection.

3 Ring Binder

Our menu collections aren’t for just restaurant. Whether it’s a hotel, spa, or doctor’s office. Our custom made 3 Ring binder is a perfect option for your guest book or information folder. Brand it with your logo on the cover.

Binder ring holder
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