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How to Order Menu Cover

Endless possibilities

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Have ideas or inspirations for your menu design? Don't know where to start? Here's how to order menu cover. Browse our collections of menu styles and colors that fit your restaurant look and feel. Here are the steps to help us help you create the perfect menu that will sell.

how to Order Menu Covers

With endless possibilities, here are the steps of how to order your perfect restaurant menu cover:

How to order

1. Choose your collection

The first step of how to order is actually thinking of how you would like the final look to be. It should say a lot about the type of the restaurant it represents. Start with choosing the look and how your menu feel literally. Different texture of each leather-like material portrait the overall feel of the restaurant. We have wide range of material from the affordable cafe look to high end fine dining look.

How to order

2. Pick your color

From our wide selection of colors, choose the color that match your restaurant theme. The menu cover can also be considered another decorative item for your restaurant. Choosing the right color cover can take some creative thinking, but is definitely worth the effort. If you are unsure about what color to choose, send us a picture of your interior and we can even help you pick the perfect color.

How to order menu insert

3. Determined binding options

Main question you need to consider is how often the menu is changing can also determine the look of menu insert page. If you would like to be able to update frequently but still protect the printed page from liquid, we recommend the clear Stitched Cafe menu cover. The laminated coiled bound menu would be more durable for more permanent menu pages. Or the Turned Edge collections is suitable for daily update for a rather fresh look and upscale feel with picture corners, tabs options, or screw post page holder.

How to order menu design

4. Specify number of page & size

Depending on how big your menu is, you can choose from 1 panel, 2 panel, and up to 4 panel and even 1/2 panel in various view size also. Weather it's a lunch, dinner, special menu, wine list, cocktail menu or all of the above. We can help you determine the size you need with our menu design service. Just send us your menu in text format and we will do the rest.

Restaurant menu covers & accessories

5. Logo decoration options

Add a final touch to your menu cover by adding personalized logo. Whether it'll be foil stamp, debossing, screen print, or digital print. The look of the logo will add more brand detail to your restaurant.

restaurant menu covers with plastic insert options

6. Add-ons

Even if you already have menu for your restaurant, but you want to add special menu or feature new summer cocktails, you can purchase our collections of add-a-page menu flippers. Or add a page to your new menu page like specials and cocktail menu. It's an easy add-on option that you can take it out in the future when menu is not available. We have vinyl menu insert in various sizes matte or clear.

Add menu design

7. Menu Design Service

In addition to producing your menu, we can also help you design your entire menu from front cover to back cover. Just send us your content and menu list and we will do the rest. Our design team will design the menu to match the consistency of your restaurant brand. Contact us for more details on how to order menu cover with design.