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Decoration Options

Your Brand Your Logo

You want to create a long lasting brand identity for your restaurant since the first impression on the menu cover is your logo.

Each type of decoration option gives a different look and feel depending on your preference. Here at PSS, we can provide various custom decoration options for your logo on the menu cover. Our team of menu production can always assist you with choosing the decoration type you want.

stitched menu covers with logo

Foil Stamp

Shine bright with metallic foil

Foil stamping is the menu decoration option with a printing method for the classic elegant look with metallic gold, silver, copper, red, green or black foil that is pressure stamped to seal the thin layer of foil to transfer onto the cover at high temperature.


  • Stand out on darker materials
  • The polished and glossy finish.
  • Foil stamping does not use ink, so the colors of the foil will not be influenced by the surface color.

Emphasize the brand with debossing

Another menu decoration options to emphasize your logo is debossing. This process recessed relief images and designs of the logo then is sunken into the surface of the cover materials. 

More Menu decoration options

Screen Printing

This printing technique uses a stencil and color blocking method to transfer ink on to the cover material. It is the most cost-effective method for large quantity runs and suitable for logos and graphics with 4 colors or less.

Digital Printing

Smaller quantity orders are often use this option and it works well for logos with high details and gradient colors. Digital printing gives you a broader range of colors that will produce a closer match to your digital file.

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