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Biogreen materials involves the use of raw materials, textile support and high-quality polyurethanes, eco-sustainable from renewable sources. Natural resources that were used in productions have gone through natural reproduction or other recurring process in a positive life cycle to pertain its sustainability.

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PU Materials with recycled raw materials. Recycled polyester and cotton fabrics certified by the Global Recycle Standard coatings, from post-consumer recycled poly­mers.


FSC® Certified Materials

Products using raw materials traceable from responsibly managed forest to supply chain according to Forest Stewardship Council international standards.


Animal Free

PU Materials absent of all animal deriving ingredients guaranteed by Veganok, the world's most ethical standard.

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Biogreen collections

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Vivella Biogreen

This is another branch of the Vivella line that is made from environmental-friendly biogreen material.

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Acero Biogreen

Acero biogreen has the natural look and feel of wood texture, great for emphasizing sustainability.

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You can get the Biogreen material for any of the Turned Edge collection or the Stitched Hard Cover Deluxe edition and start saving the planet today.

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