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In the midst of this difficult time, we would like to be proactive in whatever way to help combat COVID-19 and contain the spread of the virus. We have the capabilities to produce face shields, intubation enclosures and sneeze guards to help reduce the risk of infection to healthcare workers and other service industries.

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When disinfecting acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG products, proper procedures should be taken. To minimize the risk of damage, use only compatible household cleaners as outlined below.

• Hydrogen Peroxide 3%-5%
• Bleach – household laundry grade
• Isopropyl alcohol – diluted with water to 30% strength
• Warm dish washing soap solution

Microfiber cloths clean 50% better than comparable cotton towels
and reduces the risk of scratching plastic.



The ideal way to clean the surface is with a mild, non-abrasive anti-bacterial soap and warm water (over 80 degrees Fahrenheit-25 degrees Celsius), which will breakdown the outer fat layer of the Covid-19 molecule. Apply this onto a cloth and with light pressure clean the surface. Let air dry.

For a germicidal action, you can use disinfectant substances with a soft cloth. Spray the disinfectant onto the cloth (not onto the material). Then lightly wipe the surface and let air dry. We can suggest disinfectants with Hydrogen Peroxide (CAS nr. 7722-84-1) 3%, Benzalkonium chloride (CAS 63449-41-2) 4mg/ml or Benzoxonium chloride (CAS 19379-90-9) 1mg/ml which are part of the family known as quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats). These can be found in certain anti-bacterial soaps & disinfectants.

Please note, it is extremely important to first test the disinfectant on a few items. Some disinfectants include small amounts of alcohol or other chemicals that could possibly damage the surface. Definitely, do not use any items that contain any large amounts of alcohol or sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as they will destroy the surface.

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Biogreen materials for PSS menu cover involves the use of raw materials, textile support and high-quality polyurethanes, eco-sustainable from renewable sources. Natural resources that were used in productions have gone through natural reproduction or other recurring process in a positive life cycle to pertain its sustainability.

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